The Fall Denim Styles You Need to Add to Your Collection

No matter what city, town, hamlet you live in, chances are, at any given moment, about half the people around you are encased in denim. Even more so now that reworked denim has overtaken the runways in the form of jackets, skirts, shirtdresses, dusters and, as always, jeans.

For Fall 2016, designers from Roberto Cavalli to Eckhaus Latta showcased denim bottoms in a spectacular array of cuts, washes, lengths and fabrics, many of the flared, cropped, dual-toned and inventively distressed offerings a sharp contrast to the skinnies and subdued classics we’ve come to rely on. While these easy-to-wear staples will always hold a special place in our hearts and wardrobes, it’s time to liven up the party, get with the maximalist times and rejuvenate our denim closets.

To shop the biggest Fall 2016 denim trends, click on the gallery above.

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