23 Beach Bags You Can Carry Everywhere

If you’re planning to head to the beach or lounge by the pool this weekend, you’re probably going through a mental checklist to make sure you have everything you need. A chic swimsuit (preferably a one-piece), a larger-than-life straw hat, sunscreen that won’t irritate your sensitive skin, shades, a great read and a comfy towel. But you’re probably just going to grab the nearest canvas bag to tote your stuff to the water. Big mistake.

That’s because there’s a plethora of beach-ready bags on offer that are just as fashion-forward as any It bag. Of course, you have your traditional woven bags, but they’ve been given an upgrade with colorblock patterns and interesting shapes. But don’t discount other materials like vinyl, mesh and corduroy or bags you might initially view as more street-appropriate. And those netted bags you’ve been seeing carted by every street style star can double as beach bags for any body of water.

Ahead, 23 beach bags so stylish, you’ll want to tote them inland.

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