Asta Interview: Teaming up with G-Star, Personal Style and What’s Next


Currently rose-hued, powerhouse singer-songwriter Asta Bennie has hit her stride in 2015. The infectious single ‘Dynamite’ featuring rapper Allday, smashing a stunning cover of Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ and, now, partnering with G-Star for their re-launch in the Australian market — all before her first album even graces our ears.

With her own enviable personal style coming into its own and a penchant for having fun with beauty looks, noticeable in her video clips, it’s clear why the two worlds of fashion and music have come together. It’s all the more reason to chat to the Triple J Unearthed High alum about the campaign, her personal style and how she crafts her sound… before she reaches even bigger heights.

theFashionSpot: The campaign shots look amazing — how did you like shooting with photographer Byron Spencer?

Asta: Working with Byron has been a big dream of mine and I was so excited to see his name on the run sheet. I felt so relaxed in his presence and found it so easy to just do my thing. 

tFS: What is it like to switch things up and be the model?

A: I have so much respect for models now, it’s actually hard work! It’s a bonus to take the clothes home at the end of the day and getting your hair and make up done is a dream. 

tFS: Is it something you would like to do again in the near future?

A: Working with G-Star has been special and to be on board with a brand that is strong on sustainability and innovation really inspires me. Any brand from overseas really excites me.


 tFS: So how does it feel to have an international brand like G-Star throw their support behind you?

A: It’s crazy so early on in my career [that] a brand so big loves my music and style. It’s a brand that oozes coolness so you’ve got to put music and G star together, and it’s great to see that with collaborations with Pharrell and Raury. 

tFS: It’s evident from your killer video clips that you’ve got an interest in fashion and having fun with your style; is it important to you to carve out your own stylistic identity while crafting your sound?

A: It’s maybe a bit too important. I can’t even write a good song if I’m not 100 per cent vibing on my outfit. 

tFS: What is your favourite piece in your wardrobe?

A: I love my vegan leather jacket. It’s my staple piece in my wardrobe right now. I also love jeans, of course. Faded-blue high wasted is my thing. 

tFS: What would be your ultimate go-to label for a big event or performance?

A: Well I have to say G-Star! But I wouldn’t mind giving Alexander McQueen a call…


tFS: Do you have a fashion muse?

A: RiRi all the way. I love her style! 

tFS: And a musical muse?

A: Beyoncé and Whitney. All the ladies with sass.

tFS: You can only use/wear one of each in the lists below for the rest of your life. Which would you choose and why?

1. Guitar / Synths / Drums

A: Guitar because my dad made me one and it’s the most special thing ever. 

2. Lipstick / Nail polish / Hair colour

A: My hair because, well, hair is super important.

3. Denim / Silk / Leather

A: Denim because you can never go wrong. I have a feeling I’ll be wearing G-Star denim for a very long time. 

tFS: Finally… what’s next on the horizons for Asta that you can reveal to us?

A: I might have a new track for everyone to hear in a few weeks. The rest I can’t say… 


Photos courtesy of G-Star