5 Foolproof Styling Tips for Wearing Leather This Summer

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Don’t work up a sweat just thinking about wearing leather over summer this year. Surprisingly enough, leather is actually totally practical and easy to style over the warmer months, making it a go-to fabric this season.

Whether you’re struggling to balance the harsh fabrics with lighter materials or trying to reinvent leather staples from winter, West 14th founder Violeta Tentomas has let us in on a few tricks of the trade so that we’re all out of excuses to stray from leather in the heat. Below: five pro styling tips for repping leather under the summer sun.

Take it easy


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“For the warmer months it’s all about selecting lightweight leathers in breathable shapes,” Violeta tells us, pointing to the likes of low-slung leather shorts or loose skater-style skirts.

You also don’t want anything that’s going to weigh you down, with Violeta explaining, “the lighter, the better”. Remember, there’s no shame in pleather or swet-look pieces, and perforated leather is perfect for letting air through.

Tone it down

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One of the main reasons leather associates itself with winter is because black is generally the go-to colour of choice in this fabric, but it doesn’t have to be. Violeta suggests leather in whites, navy and sand tones for summer “as it feels season-appropriate”, or you can style in some whites or pastels to brighten up a darker look.

Don’t ditch

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Don’t go throwing out your staple leather pieces from winter as you prepare for your summer wardrobe. “You can easily wear a leather jacket over your shoulders or wrapped around your waist for the touch-of-edge look,” Violeta explains, saying it can be “functional as a summer take on an outerwear piece”.

Practicality is key

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Considering summer is the season for stress-free holidaying and creases are a styling mishap, you don’t want to be lugging around garments bags or dealing with crinkled luggage.

“Leather is a minimal wrinkle textile,” Violeta tells us, nothing that it’s a good idea to pack your leather goods in cloth bags to keep pieces free from scratches during transit. “Simply unpack and go! No need to hassle around with concierges to coordinate streaming or sending your items out for pressing,” she continued.


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If you’re still not convinced that leather is for you over summer, try to incorporate accessories for that little bit of edge. Whether it’s an envelope clutch, tough-feminine ankle booties, a statement belt or some fringing or detailing, there’s always a way to get in on the leather fun.