13 Micro Bags That Are Worth Downsizing For

Bigger may be better when it comes to the size of cupcakes and diamonds, but when it comes to bags this season, smaller is definitely the way to go. Teeny-tiny bags were spotted on the Spring 2016 runways and they have been seen nestled in the arms of street style stars ever since. Note that these aren’t clutches, they are regular handbags cut down in size by at least two-thirds.


Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2016; Image: Imaxtree

If you have a throw-in-everything-except-the-kitchen-sink philosophy when it comes to packing your handbag, you’re going to have to streamline things. A lot. A micro bag forces you to only carry your essentials; your wallet, phone and a cool lip color or two. If you’re used to carrying around 35 pounds of “necessities,” that will probably seem impractical, if not ridiculous, but you’ll quickly come around to the idea.


Marc Jacobs Spring 2016; Image: Imaxtree

Not only is the miniature size adorable, but you’ll also never experience that aching shoulder pain from a heavy bag cutting into your skin. Click through the gallery below to see 13 micro bags that are sure to convince you it’s time to give up your oversized tote.