20 Interview Outfit Staples That Will Help You Land Your Dream Gig

When you dress in a way that truly suits you, it shows that you have a firm grasp of who you are — an innate confidence that shines through in all you do, from picking out your earrings to spearheading that career-changing campaign. That’s the essence we’d like to bottle up and spritz all over ourselves in the hours before an interview when excitement and nerves threaten our usual cool.

After hours of sending out résumé after résumé and crafting cover letter after cover letter, who wants to turn their burnt-out brain toward coordinating an outfit? Be that as it may, interviews are one of those rites of passage (right up there with school pictures and weddings) where onlookers are invited to judge your ensemble.

First opinions are everything and a chic, put-together look — coupled with well-coiffed hair and painted nails — projects an aesthetic to match those CV bullets that got you here in the first place. That said, take comfort in knowing that true talent comes in all forms and a good boss will be able to spot that a mile away.

As we’re risk-averse and want to get you paid, we’ve rounded up 20 interview outfit necessities that will work in most any office environment. (Note: We recommend heading to the prospective employer’s website and doing some light cyber-style stalking to get a sense of the company’s sartorial culture before choosing from among our candidates.)

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