20 Next-Level Bridesmaid Dresses Fashion Girls Can Get Behind

It’s already July, so it’s too late to be discerning when it comes to bridesmaid dresses, right? Wrong. Wedding season, much like our love of open bars and buttercream-frosted cake, is never-ending. No need to make rash decisions when it comes to your bridal party’s attire. How they look is as much a symbol of your capacity for love and empathy as the vows you tell your partner on the big day. Let’s help the ladies closest to you (and your beau) feel just as on point as you do.

There is no one-size-fits-all bridesmaid dress, so unless you’ve got Kanye West’s connect, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to please the masses by going that route. You could trust your cohort to choose similar frocks in a specific color palette, but that requires a whole lotta faith. Alternatively, you might buy a substantial length of fabric, have your maidens measured and hire a seamstress to fashion gowns in individualized, figure-flattering silhouettes — but time is of the essence. Take matters into your own hands (because let’s be honest, we’re midway through the summer and you’re just beginning your shopping) and curate your own team of mixed-and-matched bridesmaid dresses to suit all shapes and sizes.

Or just click through the slideshow above to shop five sets of creative, cool, (loosely) coordinated bridesmaid dresses. If you’re hung up on hues, you can always scoop up x amount of the same style and let the ladies deal. It’s your day.

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