17 Street Style-Inspired Work Outfits to Wear This Summer (and Into Fall)

Dressing for work on the best of days is a struggle. You’re never quite sure what is appropriate at your office. Plus, you never seem to have anything in your closet that feels right. Figuring out what to wear to work in the summer is even more challenging. You have to deal with the heat and unpredictable office temperatures. And most importantly, you have to choose a look that won’t get you in trouble with your boss. (Sorry, that means no jean shorts and crop top this time.) It would also be nice if you could find something to wear that you feel stylish in as opposed to wearing something that you feel that you have to wear.

Trying to figure out something that ticks all of those requirements is enough to make you want to skip work and go indulge in a delicious cocktail instead. Unfortunately, if you want to keep your job, that is not an option. If you’re stumped about what to wear to work, scroll through these summer work outfit ideas as seen on our favorite street style stars. They’re guaranteed to get HR’s approval. Plus, they’ll earn you some extra style points.

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Images: Imaxtree