12 Perfect First Date Outfit Ideas

We all get first date jitters. All that budding excitement about getting to know someone you really like mixed with the sheer terror of making a fool of yourself. While we can’t guarantee you won’t trip or knock a glass of wine over, we can help ease your mind when it comes to your wardrobe. Picking out the perfect first date outfit is a bit of an art form. And even though we live our lives as you do by following the WWOPW (What Would Olivia Palermo Wear) code, for a first date, you don’t want to complicate things by revealing your sartorial prowess too soon. Because, let’s face it, most fellas don’t exactly appreciate avant–garde outfits. Be patient, you can break out your Elizabethan dress inspired by Valentino’s recent haute couture offering a few months in.

To help you out with what to wear on a first date, we’ve gone ahead and hooked you up with some stellar outfit inspiration along with some shopping picks for you to stock up on. Whether you’re planning a Sunday brunch rendezvous or a late night on the town, we’ve got your first date outfit covered. Where you go from there is all up to you.

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