Why Sherlock Holmes Is Fall’s Most Surprising Fashion Inspiration

Kendall Jenner is the epitome of geek chic in faux glasses and high-waisted Isabel Marant pants.

Kendall Jenner channels her inner Sherlock Holmes; Image: gotpap/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

The dreaded return to university life and Summer Friday-free workweeks is nearly upon us. Back in our youth, we’d see this as an opportunity to rebel against “The Man” — detract from our stiff school uniforms as much as possible. We’d roll up our pleated skirts, turn our starchy button-downs into origami masterpieces and incoherently doodle all over our JanSports.

If celebrities like Alexa Chung and Kendall Jenner — along with the overwhelming popularity of Alessandro Michele’s geek-chic Gucci showings — have taught us anything, however, it’s that tartan and tweed-filled adult uniforms are in. To top it off, BBC’s beloved Sherlock has swept viewers away and Benedict Cumberbatch (not to mention his Vivienne Westwood-infused ensembles) now holds claim to the hearts of thousands. Suffice it to say that, these days, the idea of pussy-bow dresses and Anglomania-inspired suiting doesn’t seem so restrictive.

Gucci's tweed-friendly London Cruise show channeled the Victorian detective.

Gucci’s tweed-friendly London Cruise show channeled the Victorian detective; Image: Venturelli/Getty Images for GUCCI

As with any trend, this recent upsurge of Victorian and library nerd-inspired fashion is what you make of it. Like Emily Ratajkowski, you can merely borrow the sleuth’s reading specs. Or you can go all out in a coordinating tweed ensemble that would put Watson to shame — the choice is yours. Click through the slideshow below to learn how we’ll be channeling the master of mysteries and, of course, shop our favorite takes on the trend.