Utilitarian Dressing: The Resort 2017 Trend That’s Perfect for Fall

A.L.C.'s Pre-Spring 2017 campaign is rife with fashionably unfussy workwear-inspired looks.

A.L.C.’s Pre-Spring 2017 campaign is rife with fashionably unfussy workwear-inspired looks; Image: A.L.C.

We can’t all be stylists. When we rouse bleary-eyed, the idea of sauntering over to our closets and making outfit magic happen can seem a bit daunting. With the fall (and thus, fall semester) inching ever closer, we’re ready to update our wardrobe with pieces that, while fashion-forward, require minimal styling effort. This way, even on the days when we get overenthusiastic with the snooze button, neither our ensemble nor our arrival time betrays our sloth.

Isabel Marant's updated boiler suit for Resort 2017.

Isabel Marant’s updated boilersuit for Resort 2017; Image: Isabel Marant

Enter the Resort 2017 utilitarian trend. Designers from Isabel Marant to A.L.C. made it a point to give everyday pieces a military- and workwear-inspired vibe. We know what you’re thinking — resort equals vacation wear — but hear us out. The workwear trend has been around for ages and, given the nature of the pieces (simple, not too revealing, meant for everyday wear), now’s the perfect time to incorporate boilersuits and zipper- and patch pocket-accented skirts, pants and dresses into your wardrobe. Even Beyoncé’s stylist is buying into the trend:


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Chances are, you already own a bomber jacket, the OG military-inspired piece, but what about a “siren suit,” which earned its nickname circa World War II due to its use as a quickie cover-up for nightclothes during unexpected air raids? (They’re not as drab and depressing as their erstwhile use would imply, we promise.)

Remember: The key to utilitarian chic dressing is balancing oversized proportions with tailored pieces and complementing sporty looks with decidedly feminine silhouettes (and materials!) that you can tuck in or layer smoothly. Embrace girlish accents like delicate jewelry and French-knotted scarves.

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