10 Fashion Hacks That’ll Have You Living Your Best Life This Fall

Do they call it fall because it’s filled with potential wardrobe slip-ups? Take five steps and there’s a stain on your new suede booties. Shrug into your most stylish, pillowy sweater only to find it has, in fact, pilled. Wear the jeans you’ve DIYed to perfection day in and day out, wash them once and feel like you’re looking at a totally foreign object.

We’re not about that life. We prefer to anticipate problems (sartorial and otherwise) and fix them before they raise their inconvenient, wet-blankety heads. So to streamline our daily dressing routine (and yours), we’ve gathered together 10 handy, seasonally-appropriate fall fashion hacks that will simplify your existence and leave more time for sipping on hot toddies, admiring the changing of the leaves and even getting ahead at work (dare to dream).

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