The Man Repeller’s New Shoe Collection Is Everything You’d Expect (and You’re Going to Want It All)

Confession: If this writer could only read one fashion site for the rest of her life, it would be Man Repeller. (Followed shortly by The Cut, if the perverse cyber hijackers were to allow her two.) Leandra Medine and her team’s clever, witty voice, their impeccable curatorial eye and unique perspective on sartorial subjects that once seemed stale (Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 4 show, closet cleaning) is to fashion blogging as Soylent is to nutrition (i.e. everything you really need), only way tastier and more digestible.

Medine’s taste in shoes, much like her taste in all other things (jewelry, PSLs) is impeccable. And while we’ve seen her collaborate with the likes of Laurence Decade, Del Toro and Superga in the past, today, October 28, 2016 — a day that will live in the opposite of infamy — Leandra has released her first stand-alone shoe collection, entitled MR by Man Repeller.

MR by Manrepeller's "Lol If You Think I'm Walking Embellished Velvet Platform Sandals," $520 at Net-a-Porter.

MR by Manrepeller’s “Lol If You Think I’m Walking Embellished Velvet Platform Sandals,” $520 at Net-a-Porter; Image: Net-a-Porter

Available to shop on Net-a-Porter, the 10-piece range features embellished platform sandals, lace-up flats, velvet over-the-knee boots and luxe loafers. Prices range from $350 for a pair of “The Alternative to Bare Feet” embossed velvet loafers to $795 for the “The I’m Really Here To Party” leather and embossed velvet over-the-knee boots. The rest of the equally quirkily named offerings hover between $425 and $575. (Fun fact: Medine christened them all within 7 minutes, by free association, natch.)

The designs, much like the names, are completely her own: “There was no real creative counterpart to bounce the ideas off of — these shoes are completely born out of my own mental conceptions, which is wild, but also very fulfilling,” she told Fashionista via email.

While Net-a-Porter’s ever-useful product descriptions give shoppers ample styling tips, Medine, who’s known for her loud, experimental fashion sense, advises wearers to sport the studded, striped and shiny wares in whatever way feels most natural to them: “[The shoes] are supposed to become one with their wearer; I don’t want the women who purchase these shoes to feel like they are dressing like me, they’re supposed to take the shoes and make them their own. That’s what style is all about.” Yass, queen.

Shop the hopefully first of many collections in the slideshow below.

[ via Fashionista ]