23 Ways to Wear Your Dressiest Pieces All Day Long

When it comes to style, there are no rules. Fashion girls know how to expertly match florals with stripes, wear summer pieces in the fall and pair sequins with denim. And when it comes to eveningwear, well, it isn’t just for evening.

Our going-out clothes are often the most expensive things in our wardrobe, yet they’re also the pieces we end up wearing the least. Instead of saving them for a suitable dressy occasion, make like the fashion set and start wearing them whenever you feel like it. Not only will you get more wear out of your dressy pieces, you’ll give the rest of your wardrobe a major refresh without dropping any cash.

You don’t want to look like you haven’t been home after partying the night before, so the goal with wearing eveningwear during the day is to pair it with everyday clothes. To get the mix right, it’s all about combining different styles, colors and fabrics for a dressy casual look.

Bring on the feathers, sequins and lace, and take a look at 22 street style-inspired ways to wear your favorite evening pieces while the sun is still shining.

Images: Imaxtree