35 Ridiculously Stylish Fall Coats for Under $300

Well, fall certainly took its sweet time getting here — climate change is real, folks! — but here it finally is. Three weeks after the official start of the season, temperatures are beginning to hover between 50 and 60 degrees in New York and, praise be, outerwear is actually necessary.

And while we all know a coat’s main purpose is to keep you warm, fall coats are a special breed. October, November and even early December’s relatively mild temperatures allow far more room for sartorial experimentation than deep winter’s sub-zero chill. Now is the time for over-the-top layering, for texture play. Why not give the vinyl trench trend a spin? Cozy up to a fuzzy teddy coat? Hop on the check blazer bandwagon?

These are rhetorical questions. Nothing — least of all budgetary restrictions — should stand between you and a fresh, outfit-enhancing fall coat. Which is why we’ve rounded up 35 of the absolute best fall jackets and coats in a range of styles and price points — all under $300. Happy guilt-free shopping.

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