How to Style a Blazer Like It’s 2017

With women smashing glass ceilings and breaking down more barriers at work with greater force than ever before, it was only a matter of time before the workplace’s most classic staple got a high fashion makeover. No longer a backdrop for a colorful button-down or a beautiful silk top, blazers themselves are now in the spotlight. This season’s variety of eclectic prints, fabrics, styles and cuts take all the formality and banality of this masculine jacket and toss it out the window.

On top of this, designers are suggesting you throw caution to the wind and style your tailored jacket with complete creative freedom. With fur stoles, chokers, body chains and elbow-length gloves all making an appearance on runways alongside the traditional office garment, we suggest perhaps checking with human resources before taking on these bold suggestions for how to wear a blazer.

Images: Imaxtree