16 Snow Boots You Won’t Mind Wearing (at All)


It’s oddly warm right now, but slushy streets and frigid temperatures are coming. So why procrastinate? Plan for the sucky weather now, lest you be left trudging through the gray sludge in your beloved sneakers.

If experience has taught us anything, it’s that snow boots are absolutely essential. (Sartorially repellant though they may seem.) Trust us, you don’t want to end up like Leandra Medine: “Frankly, I could have handled the abundant snow until yesterday when it turned to slush which inevitably turned into one of those violent puddles cars are so frequently splashing into pedestrian coats and faces and that yesterday, inevitably too, splashed into mine. And this wasn’t just any slush, it was frozen slush! Frozen, piss flavored slush. I also had no choice but to walk knit-sneaker first into a three-foot puddle because I will not, repeat, will not buy snow boots.”

Spoiler alert: She eventually caved and bought snow boots.

Sure, heavy-duty winter boots aren’t everyone’s favorite look, but there’s actually a myriad of stylish options available. Need visual proof? Click through the slideshow above for 16 of the best snow boots to keep you stylishly dry this winter.