Save the Date: Here Are 2017’s Most Anticipated Shoe and Clothing Releases

Weeks ahead of Kenzo x H&M‘s November 3 release, evil eBay resellers were already listing pieces from the sought-after collaboration for 700 percent above their in-store price. And let’s not even talk about the planning that goes into purchasing a pair of original Fenty Puma by Rihanna creepers (although you can still get your hands on the somewhat-of-a-miss velvet iterations). With Victoria Beckham for Target and many more covetable designer collaborations (and solo efforts) on the way, it’s important to stay organized. In 2017, we’re leaving nothing to chance. We’re marking our calendars with the release dates of all of our most-wanted items and checking them twice. Because the answer to the question, “Why can’t I have nice things?” should never be, “Oh, because I forgot that was happening today.”

Click through the slideshow above for all the apparel and shoe releases we’re watching out for in 2017.