A Complete Guide to Fall 2017’s Biggest Fashion Trends

Our international fashion month tour has come to a close. Trend-wise, we kind of knew what to expect. Fall brings with it deeper palettes, luxurious fabrics, new and improved takes on outerwear. At the close of New York Fashion Week, we prematurely — but accurately — predicted that certain Spring 2017 hangers-on (80s silhouettes, velvet) were going nowhere. As we trekked across the globe, other fashion trends we’d seen in New York — head-to-toe red, plaid as the new neutral — began to gel. Others — glittery boots, nearly-naked dresses — really picked up speed.

Click through the slideshow above for 10 designer-backed Fall 2017 fashion trends that are guaranteed to get you excited about next season. (We know, it sounds like a tease, but in this day and age, fall could very well start tomorrow.)

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Images: Imaxtree

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