8 Totally Cliché-Free Festival Looks to Try This Season

Alessandra Ambrosio and co. at Coachella 2017.

Don’t be one of these girls. (Sorry, Alessandra.); Image: Timur Emek/GC Images

Though some will argue otherwise, “festival fashion” is not a contradiction in terms. True, there is a certain banality to those street grounds style sightings. (Our Pavlovian response to the word “Coachella”? A Beyoncé-esque mental montage of flower crowns, circular sunnies, denim cutoffs and flash tattoos. Tell us it hasn’t happened to you.)

Still, plenty of festivalgoers, in addition to appreciating a good musical lineup, value art in the form of fashion. Yes, one can be cool and carefree and detest all that is fringed. The general rules of chic summer festival dressing are as follows:

  1. Limit yourself to one piece (whether it’s boho-inspired, African print or neon) that gives away your destination.
  2. Keep your festival outfit cozy and ventilated.
  3. Don’t wear anything you’re incredibly attached to (because dust, mud, beer, sweat and shoving).
  4. Layer (because temperatures dip when the sun does).
  5. Wear minimal, waterproof makeup (because, again, sweat).

Looking for more specifics? Click through the gallery below for eight festival outfits that’ll set you apart from the choker-wearing, occasionally culturally appropriative crowd.

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