9 Ways to Wear Lace Like a Street Style Star

It can seem like every year your summer wardrobe really gets on a roll — just in time to turn the calendar to September. By mid-August, you’ve got your short-sleeve and cropped combos down to a science. You’ve even had plenty of chances to break out your favorite white outfits and sandals. But by now, even they can start to feel a little stale. Well, this year it’s not too late to try out the ultimate summer pièce de résistance: an airy lace confection of your choosing.

There are many reasons why lace is an optimal choice for late summer and fall — some obvious and some not so obvious. Lace is breathable, of course. It’s also as stick-proof as it gets, even on the hottest of days. Plus, working this lightweight fabric into your look is always a worthwhile challenge. That’s right, challenge. It’s natural to think twice before slipping into such intense texture.

We think of lace as being delicate and soft-spoken, but in fact it makes a powerful statement that can dominate your whole outfit if you let it. The question becomes how much lace and in what form? One option is to pick out a piece lightened by lace panels. Another method is to balance your ensemble with solid pieces that will make the lace elements pop. Above all, the trick to keeping this lovely material fresh and modern is to add an element of surprise.

Cuts, colors and layers can make all the difference as these nine street style pros demonstrate. It would be easy to assume that lace limits you to strictly dainty or romantic looks, but these fashion experts know better. The right lace item will instantly become the star of your summer (and fall) wardrobe — whether your style is elegant, edgy, artsy or anything in between.