Genius Fall Outfit Ideas, Courtesy of This Year’s Top 10 Fashion Influencers

Last week, Forbes released its annual list of the top 10 fashion industry influencers. Between them, these fashion bloggers/vloggers/budding fashion designers/creators of scintillating #sponcon have amassed over 23,227,025 Instagram followers, 1,971,954 Twitter followers, 4,013,710 Facebook likes and 2,305,111 YouTube subscribers, bringing their total reach to (approximately) 31,750,000 viewers like you.

The fairly diverse set includes two plus-size bloggers (Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason of Premme), one male blogger (Bryan Yambao) and five people of color (Gregg, Yambao, YouTuber Jenn Im, bloggers Susie Lau and Aimee Song). And while it’s a truth universally acknowledged that influencers’ feeds often end up looking surprisingly homogenous (see: the 20 items they’re all wearing right now), these top-tier fashion individuals each have a style and a voice all of their own.

…And are thus founts of fall outfit ideas. So, to celebrate their achievements and the arrival of leather weather, we parsed through their feeds, rounding up 20 #important, seasonally apropos styling tips (two per fashion influencer). Absorb them all in the gallery above.

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