How to Wear the Red-on-Red Trend Like a Fashion Girl

No color is as pervasive this time of year as red. (We blame Santa.) Sure, we’ll see some pine green, gold or silver and even a touch of blue during Hanukkah, but crimson far and away leads the holiday pack. So when designers sent out the call to not only sport the fiery hue for fall but flaunt it in layers, we were presented with quite a conundrum. Just how are we supposed to pull off red-on-red looks during the holidays without looking like a Christmas card?

Well, the simple answer is to try to find ways to break it up. Whether that means incorporating several varying shades of red (including the more purple-tinged offshoot burgundy) or working in pops of texture and patterns to create some visual friction. And these tricks will come in handy once the weather warms because doubling up on red was also trending in the Spring 2018 collections.

For a guide to how to wear red right now the fashion girl way, check out the 28 examples in the slideshow above. Consider it an early Christmas gift.

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