Something Better: 29 Playful Accessories to Liven Up Your Look

Sick to death of your worn-out winter wardrobe? In the mood for an impulse buy? You’ve come to the right place.

At any point in time, even when we haven’t exactly “earned” it, there’s no real reason not to treat ourselves to a fun, frivolous accessory. You’d be shocked by how much of a mood (and outfit) boost a new pair of earrings, a fuzzy bucket hat or even a couple of blinged-out bobby pins can be. Especially when it’s dreary AF outside.

And while we’re on the subject of weather, when brutal cold and pouring rain prevent you from really “trying,” a good accessory will give the illusion that you did. Moreover, it’ll up the ‘gram-ability of your daily (weekly?) selfie.

Plus, right now, the world of accessories is especially fun. Just look at the current trends: PVC bags! Impossibly tiny sunglasses! Impossibly tiny bags! Hair bows! Rhinestone and fur-covered everything! It’s getting seriously weird — and wonderful — out there.

And so, whether you’re in search of a new, more exciting (but still semi-practical) alternative to your stodgy winter scarf or just in the mood to decorate yourself, click through the slideshow above to shop 29 playful accessories we’re coveting right now.