Something Better: How to Shop This Season’s Biggest Trends — Sustainably

Let Emma Watson be an example to us all: yes, it is possible to rep an entirely eco-friendly wardrobe without sacrificing one’s personal style or missing out on all the great trends. Still, it’s not exactly easy.

Shopping responsibly means looking at brands that are doing good in some way and/or sourcing their materials sustainably, which, sadly, eliminates many a cool-girl favorite. Plus, given that you don’t share Watson’s paycheck, you’ll also need to adopt a buy-less-spend-more mentality. (What can we say, higher price points are the cost of doing business in an ethical way.)

Still, a greener wardrobe is definitely worth your time, effort and money. According to Business of Fashion, fashion is one of the most polluting industries, second only to oil. It also produces more carbon emissions than international flights, per a study conducted by Dame Ellen MacArthur’s Foundation. And then there’s the human rights aspect. Remember when, less than five years ago, a building in Bangladesh’s Rana Plaza — home to five garment factories — collapsed and killed over 1,100 workers?

Let’s be a part of the change, shall we? Obviously, the most eco-friendly thing to do would be to not shop at all, but we’re not here to make martyrs out of you. Rather, do what you can and dress how you like by shopping this season’s hottest trends — grandpa sneakers, Canadian tuxes, glitter boots — the sustainable way. Click through the slideshow for 15 cool, eco-conscious pieces, along with some shopping tips.

Also, it doesn’t get more sustainable — and fun — than shopping vintage.