8 Insta-Shops to Follow (and Give All of Your Money to) Now

Who says time spent on Instagram is time wasted? Insta Stories allows us to keep up with friends, brands and celebrities in real time. The new(-ish) Collections feature lets us mood-board our pretty little hearts out. And with Insta-shops — social pages that exist primarily to sell product — you can now build your entire wardrobe (or even decorate your house) via DM.

Let’s be real, it was only a matter of time before indie retailers and business-savvy individuals figured out how to capitalize on our long-existent in-app window-shopping tendencies. Some of these Insta-shops use the app to post carefully styled pictures of their wares, which followers can then claim by commenting or DMing. (The earliest bird gets the worm.) Others offer privileged information on upcoming product drops that take place not on Instagram but the brand’s actual e-commerce site. And then there are those “shops” that, for entertainment’s (or a slight commission’s) sake, sift through the massiveness of Amazon and eBay and share what gems they uncover with their loyal community of followers.

Suffice it to say, Instagram has many a great, one-of-a-kind shop and more are popping up daily. Click through the slideshow above for eight of our favorites that you should know about if you don’t already and get ready for a shopping experience that’s at times a little competitive, but mostly just fun.

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