Backless Dresses Are the New Off-the-Shoulder Dresses

Summer is in full effect. And with temperatures breaking 90 degrees on the regular, getting dressed has become a game of figuring out how to wear as little clothing as possible while still looking somewhat decent. Luckily, backless dresses have emerged as a big trend this season, championed by the Spring 2018 collections of Lanvin and Jacquemus.

The beauty of an open-back dress is that it offers built-in ventilation and shows off our favorite erogenous zone au moment — the back. Yes, shoulders and navels remain high on fashion’s list of It body parts, but there’s something about backs that feels new and sexy. (Is it just us, or have off-the-shoulder and bra tops been trending for, like, an eternity?) Plus, when you leave your spine exposed, you feel like you’ve got a fun secret, but not nearly as on display as you would in a belly-button-baring crop. And isn’t that what summer’s really about? Letting go of tension?

Scroll through the slideshow above to shop our favorite backless dresses in all styles and sizes. (P.S. Once temperatures dip, evergreen your pick by layering it over a ribbed tee or under an asymmetrically buttoned cardigan.)

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