Of course, Karl Lagerfeld has a whole team behind him, but like Tom Ford said, when you’re a fashion designer it has to be your vision.  In a recent interview Ford recounts telling Nicolas Ghesquière: “If you are a designer, sometimes it is better not to delegate, because someone pays money for something that you, Nicolas Ghesquière, designed, so it should be exactly the way you want it, exactly the way you would have chosen it. People call me a control freak, and I say, “Well, my name is on the shoe.” It means the heel needs to be the way I want it, and not the way somebody else wants it, and the toe needs to be exactly the way I want it, and the fabric and the material have to be exactly the way I want it. It is not a democracy — it is a dictatorship.” I have the feeling that Karl Lagerfeld is just as exacting.

The man is a workaholic, a perfectionist, and of course, a genius who churned out nearly 70 couture looks for the Spring 2010 Chanel Haute Couture collection, all of which were done in white and pastels. Models walked the runway with bow-accent, heart-shaped hair – think classic tweed meets modern Harajuku girl.

Fittingly, given how many pieces Lagerfeld showed there were many looks that would be wearable straight off the runway, and a number of cocktail and gowns that will surely turn up on the red carpet.

Rosettes made a reoccurring appearance, including in the final wedding dress piece, and they were particularly breathtaking, covering the cream skirt of a dress with glistening geometric shoulders which exemplified the wide fashion appeal the house of Chanel has (from the frilly romantic to the kooky space age).

Diamond jewelry and sparkle accents on the garments helped nail the coffin in the dreamy feel of the goosebump-inducing collection.


In terms of translating couture into ready wear, it would be near-impossible to replicate the detail and effect created through thousands of hours of work, but I do hope the cocoon jackets and over the top rosettes pop up in the Chanel ready to wear Fall/Winter 2010 show.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.