When it comes to hype, there’s nothing quite like that which surrounds Christophe Decarnin at Balmain and Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy.  Both men have transformed the respective brands they design for, and have become trendsetters for both high-fashion shoppers and the fast fashion shoppers that buy clothing from affordable brands unmistakeably inspired by their work.

Unlike Decarnin, however, Tisci has multiple platforms at Givenchy to share his vision. For this couture season, Tisci was inspired by Serge Lutens, the noted French perfumer (fitting, given the recent announcement that Givenchy will be releasing two new fragrances in the spring), make-up artist, photographer, hair stylist, and fashion designer.

While the collection may have had only 22 looks, it fit the Lutens inspiration well in that it was versatile, offered a little something for everyone, yet maintained a cohesiveness and undeniably chic aesthetic (no matter the level of wearability of the garments, which went from wearable straight of the runway to seemingly having only editorial purposes).

Feathers figured prominently in a number of the looks, notably tiered degrade ones accenting the bottom half of a white blazer that achieved a demure sexiness via a crisp menswear-inspired cut. Similarly, ruffles made a reoccurring appearance, with the most impactful look showcasing them oversized and cascading around a rose colored cocktail dress.

Tisci also explored sheerness, lace, and a lingerie-inspiration in his collection this year, all of which resulted in some of the more avant garde pieces in the line.

While overall it was the daytime looks that were the most ravishing, there was one gown that popped – the last look, a strapless number with a sparkling sequin top and a cascading bottom with degrade colored bustling bottom that I hope has a red carpet moment. Perhaps Marion Cotillard?

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.