How to Work Your Favorite Blazer Into Your Summer Wardrobe

Summer calls for summer fashion. Right? Think crop tops, miniskirts, tanks and swimsuits masquerading as tops. But there’s one surprising staple that has year-round appeal for fashion folk: the blazer.

Season after season street style pros are spotted running between shows decked out in structured blazers, no matter the temp. Recently, the sartorial phenomenon got a shot in the arm thanks to the sheer number of shorts suits on the Spring 2018 runways. The key to pulling off this staple? Balance. Favor miniskirt suit sets and cropped blazers or get creative with ventilation (the old draped jacket trick works wonders here). And proportion plays a major role. Layering a long blazer over shorter summer go-tos (see above) helps you keep and look cool.

Pick up more tips and tricks on how to rock a blazer in summer in the slideshow above.