20 Cool Ways to Show Off Your Chunky Sneakers

Images: Imaxtree

When it comes to footwear, the chunkier the shoe, the more fashion girls love it. Consider the rise of the “ugly” shoe trend and the numerous styles it has helped popularize. In terms of sneakers, there have been flatforms, Velcro trainers and grandpa sneakers. Some might be in favor of the a-bit-wrong-but-so-right style, but end up with the shoes collecting dust in their closets because they’re unsure how to style them. It’s actually quite simple thanks to the surprising versatility of chunky sneakers.

Chunky shoes will add a bold finish to an outfit no matter what they’re paired with so don’t try to fight it. Instead, consider whether you want to create contrast with lightweight fabrics and sweeping hems or play off a sharp shape with tailored pieces. The beauty is that either direction works. Of course, we can always embrace the innate sporty feel chunky sneakers have by styling them into an athleisure or glamleisure look.

Unsure what a successful “ugly” sneaker outfit actually looks like? Instead of taking further style cues from grandpa (sorry, gramps), look to the streets. Fashion girls demonstrate the myriad of ways chunky sneakers can be worked into your current wardrobe. Here are 20 cool styling hacks to remember.

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