30 Ways to Do Double Denim Like a Fashion Girl

If you’re looking to dress up your jeans this season, you’re in luck because Canadian tuxes are back in fashion. That’s right, you’ll need to dig out your trusty jean jacket from the back of your closet so you can double up on denim. So, what’s driving the trend?

Jean-on-jean outfits were spotted on practically every runway for Spring 2018, even though denim on denim lends itself more to fall, at least in our humble opinion. Denim-jackets-plus-jeans was the preferred combo with designers relying on stripes, patterns and interesting layering techniques to make an impact.

But leave it to street style stars to take double denim outfits up a notch. We’re talking tucking in their jean jackets, turning them inside out (another trend you’ll soon be seeing everywhere) and rocking jean-on-jean outfits in contrasting hues. And they even experimented with denim vests and acid wash styles.

Interested in trying out the denim-on-denim trend, but concerned about it coming across as super stiff (or worse: dated)? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a bit of a sartorial cheat sheet for you. Check out the slideshow above for 30 ways to do jean-on-jean outfits in 2017.

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