17 Backpacks You Don’t Have to Head Back to School to Carry

The retail universe is preoccupied this time of year with pushing back-to-school items. Everything from notebooks to pens to dorm decor is being advertised like crazy right now. But there’s one necessity you don’t have to be enrolled in school to sport: a backpack.

You’re probably getting visions of cartoon character designs, superhero emblems or sparkly unicorns, but backpacks don’t have to be so elementary. The key to rocking a backpack as a grown-up is to opt for ones that could be mistaken for luxury handbags, that is if they weren’t strapped on your back. (Some actually offer alternate handles to help them serve double duty.) And they’ve actually become a fashion house staple in mini, medium and large formats. Brands from Calvin Klein to Fendi to Louis Vuitton have all put out backpacks, making them a model-off-duty must-have.

Not convinced? Here are 17 backpacks for women that you can cart to work or brunch.

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