Valentine’s day is almost here.  Some gals have a dream guy who will be taking them to dinner, but others will value staying home and spending some quality time alone.  IIf you are of this mindset, treat yourself to a night of extravagant decadence decked out in provocative lingerie paired with superb stilettos. Sip some fine wine while lighting an aromatic candle, finishing the night off in a glamorous bath filled with rose petals. 

Nothing sets the tune of the night like a set of breathtaking vocals to melt the stress away. Listen to the breathy voice of sultry songstress "Nicole Simone" while getting glammed up for a night of solitary romance with your soul. Swank self indulgence for your body is the key to an enchanting evening all your own.

Christian Louboutin Bouquet Platform

Slipping on any pair of Christian Louboutin heels guarantee the ultimate seductive feeling.

Gardenia Corset

Agent Provocateur released a demi couture line of haute lingerie entitled "Soiree", each piece has explicit detail with attention to fine design. Featured here is the "Gardenia" corset. The seam lines and boning are crafted for a sleek fit, pinching the waistline into a tiny measurement, lifting and pressing you into an hourglass figure.

The Sofia Trio

Acclaimed film maker Francis Ford Coppola ventured out into the winery business some time ago, creating a line of beverages named after his daughter Sofia Coppola. A chilled glass of Sofia never fails to quench one’s thirst at the end of a day. The Sofia Trio is a splendid set of 3 versions of the Coppola Winery company:  a white wine infused with peach, melon and passion fruit with a seductive note of honey suckle, a spectacular bottle of dry rose, and "Sofia Riesling" which is a splendid combination of full ripe fruit flavors consisting of what the description says is an "intoxicating perfume of pears, minerals, and apricots along with luscious flavors of white peaches, green apples, and a hint of pineapple".

Vosage Chocolate

Vosage choclatier, located in Soho NYC, is a luxury chocolate based boutique that offers an array of truffle and candy bar delicacies. Connoisseurs are lured into their premises to drink a chilled white chocolate lavender-infused cocktail. Purchase a heart shaped box full of sixteen different bon bons. Vosage has the most divine repertoire of chocolate delicacies.

The Glamor Bath

Every glamorous homebody must be acquainted with "the glamor bath".  Soaking yourself in suds is an art taken for granted by much of today’s on the go society. Fizz up your tub by dropping a bath bomb into the water. It will fizz up, creating a gentle hot tub like feeling while releasing flower petals.  Its both relaxing and refreshing. You can buy bath bombs on line at, or at Kiki De Montparnasse.