Every year, right around this time, when icy cold winds batter me on a daily basis and snow and ice abound, I find myself overcome by a longing for strappy sandals.  The fact that, come summer, I am rarely to be found in the aforementioned shoes doesn’t diminish the lust.  This year however, in an attempt to stop this madness once and for all, I have compiled a list of reasons to steer clear of overly decorative insubstantial summer shoes.


  1. Any form of open toed footwear attracts small pebbles like moths to a flame or iron filings to a particularly strong magnet…pain will ensue.
  2. Summer showers, muddy patches, and the regular day-to-day grime of the city are to be avoided at all cost…5 minutes in the company of any of these and you’ll be shopping for a new pair of shoes before you can click your heels together and say “there’s no place like home”.
  3. Unless you are one of the lilies of the field, and “neither toil nor spin”, your day will involve a certain amount of walking from points A to B…the pieces of strap that do not rub will chafe, and before very much ground has been covered you will have proved that it is difficult to look chic and hobble around in pain.