Bi-annual magazines have long had two legs up on the rest of the print industry, but Editors are feeling an increased pressure to satisfy their advertisers, which has resulted in a few duds.  Not least was the Juergen Teller-curated Self Service that hit stands last October, which failed to offer us much more than a glorified Marc Jacobs catalogue.  March issues are hitting the stands this week.  Along with September, this is the best month for print, and this year we’re moving to monthlies to find the fancy footwork, er…footwear. 

As pendulous as the issue of bi-annual magazines is, so too is our relationship to the International editions of some of our favorite newsstand regulars.  Once again, this comes back to the Editors; American Vogue readers have long lusted after the Paris edition, but it’s arguably because Carine Roitfeld could cure cancer from sales of her own slap bracelet, while only a fraction of us actually wish we woke up looking like Anna Wintour.

British Elle is a true departure from its U.S. counterpart, and if getting into debt for magazines has you worried, start (and I’ll let you know where to end) with the March 2010 issue.  Liv Tyler graces the cover, but it’s inside that fashion’s fiercest felines work it.  Jane Birkin (for whom the Hermès bag is named) lets readers in on her style secrets, model and stylist Valentine Fillol-Cordier (she broke hearts when she wore hearts in those APC 2006 ads) consults us with a tour through her closet, and after viewing Danish supermodel Helena Christensen’s West Village apartment, you’ll be ditching Spring duds for a new refrigerator.  

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.