20 Fresh Ways to Wear a Cardigan in 2018

Images: Imaxtree

Fashion sweatshirts? So 2016. Hoodies? Overplayed. Cardigans? Now we’re talking. Cardigans are becoming the topper of choice thanks to their versatility, cozy-chic silhouettes and the fact that they can be layered on top of almost any outfit.

Once deemed the stuff just of collegiate kids and grannies, cardigans made their way back into our wardrobes after the Fall 2017 runways reminded us just how fantastic they can be. The comfy knits have been a fixture on the runways since, but wearers may have temporarily forgotten about them during the sweaty months of summer. As the mercury takes its slow tumble to freezing, it’s time to bring out the cardigans and make use of their wear-almost-everywhere appeal.

Cardigans transcend style tribes as much as seasons and events. Preppy, timeless and vintage pinup may be the most obvious cardigan looks, but sticking with those would severely limit our options. A cardigan can be styled to project the mood of the wearer, whether they want to be punky, sporty or effortlessly elegant with a side of glamleisure.

Unlike hoodies and sweatshirts, the cardigan offers more versatility because of its button-up construction. It can be left open to reveal a good glimpse of a graphic T-shirt or sheer dress. Or it can be buttoned up and reveal just a teaser of the outfit — or even bra — beneath. Those who have difficulty committing to one look can try buttoning just a couple of buttons. And wearers can get creative with tucking, scrunching and accessorizing.

Click through the gallery above to see 20 inventive ways to style a cardigan — and there isn’t a single twinset in the bunch.

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