America’s new fave Voguette Grace Coddington (a.k.a. Vogue’s creative director) won over the hearts of everyone who viewed The September Issue. While the world has known about Anna Wintour for decades, her right-hand woman maintained a lower profile in the public eye. Vogue’s editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley has long been leaving fashionistas in hysterics with his over the top attire and outspoken disposition. The designer cape wearing man is hard not to notice front row at fashion shows as he walks in and owns it!


On Thursday, February 25th I trudged out into the blizzard to listen to both of them discuss The September Issue in conjunction with director RJ Cutler, in front of a packed audience. Before the discussion began, both Grace and Andre announced to us that they do not have twitter accounts or facebook pages – but recently found out fake accounts were set up in both their names. The duo believes social networking is new school, and they are old school, and that all this new internet communication is an unnecessary distraction from quality work.

Ten minutes into the panel discussion when they were asked to comment on all the God awful reality series out there involving "the fashion world", eyes were rolling as Grace said something to extent of (what I could interpret over the roaring laughter in the audience) "The Kardashians? What is this! I mean, come on, its not fashion"!

The male to the left of Grace commented "I mean, all these shows seem to go out there and find the biggest bitchiest queen, pick him as the winner and he makes one collection"… to which Grace added, "And sells one dress to a friend, maybe".

Andre Leon Talley will be appearing on this season’s America’s Top Model with an intent to keep it real. Let’s hope he keeps Tyra in line, as well.

The full discussion will be soon be available online in the Barnes and Noble video archive.

I didn’t think it was possible to love Grace anymore than I already do, but since she publicly admitted she thinks fashion reality TV shows are gauche, I love her ten times more.