Here’s Proof the Choker Trend Is Still Going Strong

If you grew up during the 90s, you’ll love this news: Chokers have not phased out yet. The accessory that defined 90s style and came back with a vengeance in 2016 is only getting bigger — literally. The new iteration of the trend is the wide choker, a slightly larger and chunkier take that feels nothing like the shoelace or velvet ribbon version.

Wide chokers can completely transform your look and are total statement pieces. They make incredible fall accessories — just think of them as a smaller, tighter version of a scarf. They are also great in a pinch, since you can just throw on a chic wide choker if you don’t have time to work out a coordinated ensemble.

The Fall 2018 runways were obsessed with wide chokers and from Versace to Gucci, everybody is bringing their own versions to the market. Here’s how you can incorporate them into your daily wear flawlessly this fall.

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