These Foolproof Travel Outfits Will Get You Through the Airport in Style

Images: Imaxtree

Anyone who’s accumulated a few thousand frequent flier miles knows: The trip doesn’t start when you get to the destination, but once you set out. Seasoned travelers have a go-to travel outfit uniform they’ve perfected over the course of many long-legged flights.

The perfect travel outfit is both comfortable and fashionable (just in case that first-class upgrade works out). And of course, with limited luggage space, it needs to be a combo that works for most destinations, too. While it might sound easy, when you factor in tight security, comfort, warmth, dressing for the destination and looking good, you can see how it’s hard to devise a simple formula for travel clothing.

To aid you in your search for the perfect airpot #OOTD selfie, we compiled looks that will give you some inspiration. After all, what else are those giant mirrors in airport bathrooms for?

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