The Best Bathrobes You’ll Want to Live In

The best feeling in the world is when you finally get to escape your confining work wardrobe and just sit back and relax at home. But feeling comfortable and relaxed doesn’t have to mean being caught in 10-year-old leggings and a stained shirt. What if you could add that extra level of comfort and still feel fly? We’re talking about robes, of course.

The right robe will make you feel like the most pampered version of yourself while still showcasing some style. You don’t have to stick to the cotton waffle hotel version — these days, robes are so stylish you might want to wear them down the street over your clothes (as the street style set is wont to do).

Here, robes that are a mix of lace, fleece and silk when you want to feel comfy and cozy … or like you’re not wearing anything at all.

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