23 Statement Coats to Break Out of Your Black Jacket Rut

We don’t want to bring up a depressing thought this early in the winter game, but some of us could be wearing coats until April. Shouldn’t we at least have something that makes us feel good? While black is a timeless option that goes with everything and is good for hiding dirt and salt stains, it’s not exactly unique or inspiring to your downtrodden winter spirit come February. You deserve something special. That’s why it is time to break away from black with a fun, colorful coat.

A dreary landscape doesn’t mean your coat has to be dreary, too; Image: Imaxtree

A statement coat can make the long, frigid days of winter seem a little more bright (take that, seasonal affective disorder). Plus, a bold coat allows the wearer’s personality to shine through. Showcase a favorite color, try a trendy print, add some interest with a contrasting collar or mix in a bit of everything. While experimenting with color, don’t forget to try different shapes and fabrics. A tailored wool coat is a classic cold weather staple, but oversized puffers, belted coats, cozy, fuzzy styles and voluminous silhouettes can add even more personality.

Sequins, florals and texture? Winter’s not so bad; Image: Imaxtree

We know that it may be hard to permanently part with a go-to black coat. You don’t have to chuck your faithful, warm black coat to the curb. Just consider having more options. Winter is long and unless you’re hibernating inside for the next five months, there will be plenty of opportunities to bundle up. Why not switch things up and have some fun? You’ll find yourself reaching for these bold prints, bright colors and unexpected cuts over your black puffer on the days when it feels like winter will never end.

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