Earmuffs, the Antidote to Hat Hair, Will Make Winter Better

Hats certainly have their place when it comes to winter accessorizing, but you’re really only wearing them while you hurry from one heat source to another — and then you have to deal with hat hair all day long. Enter: earmuffs, the solution to your hat-hair frustration.

Eamuffs aren’t just warm; they’ve long been a staple in the fashion world. In 2014 Chanel released braided earmuffs for its Paris-Salzburg show and ELLE amusingly Photoshopped the earmuffs on various celebrities. Then it became the season’s piece to have in 2016 because Ariana Grande traded in her signature cat ears for oversized faux fur earmuffs during the Jingle Ball concert.

Image: Getty/Kevin Kane

Honestly, we’ve never considered earmuffs statement pieces, but they can actually make your outfit chicer — and some of them even secretly house a bluetooth connection or a headphone jack. We compiled a number of earmuffs that will make you stand out as the belle of winter.

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