For the past month we’ve all been lost in a fashion frenzy, hopping from one show to the next party, while meeting deadlines. Our decadent month is up, as we go onto to live our lives away from the illusion of fantasy for a while, and lend a fashionable helping hand to a much talked about charity, “Crafts for a Cause“.

Binki Shapiro

Binki Shapiro, the singer of “Little Joy”  (who Nylon Mag dubbed an it girl) is proving to be more than just another girl of the moment .  The L.A.-based indie rock starlet decided to get charitable in an attempt to raise money to assist in relief efforts for earthquake-devastated Haiti. So Shapiro rallied a bunch of noteworthy Hollywood starlets, a few rockstars, and of course a couple of Vogue-worthy designers such as Rodarte, and Band of Outsiders’ Scott Sternberg, to lend their hands to the cause.

What is it exactly? It’s celebrity artists taking the time to craft something by hand, then putting the piece online to sell so that all the proceeds can be donated to “Artists for Peace and Justice“.  If you’ve become part of the cult following of Etsy in the past few years, then charity auction “Craft for a Cause” will appeal to you.  Starting Monday, March 15th, it will reside for 12 days.

What is being eyed closely already? Scott Sternberg of Band of Outsiders produced a polo shirt with stripes added by a blue marker, perfect for any unconventional prep loving lad.

Designing duo sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte signed and silk screened “J’aime Rodarte” sweat shirt, completed with a kitty cat doodle.

Every single tote bag adorned with a drawing on it or a logo accompanied with a signature autograph is a sure thing to throw over a shoulder and be a conversation piece. The Strokes, Jenny Lewis, No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani, and Liv Tyler have all submitted totes. Shapiro’s boyfriend and Strokes drummer Fab Moretti decorated an original canvased wallet in 2D design,  which is sure to sell for more than its original price of sixty five dollars.

No Doubt signed and decorated this tote bag:
Fab Moretti finishing off a wallet and tote:

Sister act “Tegan and Sara” went to town on a couple of pairs of their signature sneakers with puff paint. Shirley Manson, the singer of Garbage, let her imagination run wild in a sharpied collage tshirt full of messages such as “Embrace Failure”.

The ballerina in me is loving the signed toe shoes by Natalie Portman, which were worn in her last movie Black Swan (a high value item).  This would make the perfect mantlepiece addition in any girly girl’s home, propped up above a fireplace.

For any photographers out there who hold a place in their hearts for Drew Barrymore, I suggest you check out the crafty hand painted red camera embellished with the word SHARE on the back of it.

Each piece is a reminiscent touch to the star who created it. If you are interested in bidding, you can go to the website