Ranking high when it comes to my least favorite trends to emerge from the Fall/Winter 2010 season is velvet. It first made its appearance in New York and was quickly spotted at a slew of shows in London, Milan, and Paris. Among the designers that featured it most prominently were Nanette Lepore, Ralph Lauren, Chloe, Just Cavalli, Marc Jacobs, Giorgio Armani, and Thakoon.


Sure, velvet adds an interesting touch of texture, but it’s really not flattering on most – especially in the burgundy, olive green, and purple colors it was often shown in. Further, the plush material has always struck me as being either a somewhat childish or a somewhat buttoned-up, old lady-ish fabric.  In either case, velvet (for the most part) is best saved for headbands.

Roberto Cavalli showed a slew of looks fashioned out of furniture velvet this season, often combined with other materials such as leather. But the contrasting patterns made for some questionable looks.
Over at Armani, Georgio Armani showed pieced-together velvet skirts, along with a slew of black velvet gowns and dresses.


Marc Jacobs opted for velvet dresses as well, though his color schemes were not as disagreeable, especially when set against cable knits.
It was Alexander Wang, however, who took it to the max by showing a veritable parade of velvet – including a vampire-like red look with sheer lace begging the question, who will wear this?

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.