Winter Layering Tricks We Picked Up From Street Style Stars

Images: Imaxtree

Our goal in winter? To stay warm while still flaunting fashion. Easier said than done, though, with inches feet of snow and bone-chilling temps. So we’re doing what we always do in trying sartorial times: turn to the street style crowd.

Truth is, the fashion faithful don’t mind the cold since it gives them a chance to show off their layering skills. Whether it involves piling on coats the Balenciaga way or using fashion’s trademark layering device, the turtleneck, the street style set knows how to build looks. Substituting a sweater for a scarf, wearing skirts over pants or layering your jewelry so it can still be appreciated are all tips we gleaned from the pros.

Get ready to embrace the season with these easy tips on how to layer with style.

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