It’s Time to Bring Back Black Jeans

Usually by this time of year, we start looking forward to spring. Especially after our recent polar vortex encounter, warmer weather full of sundresses, tees, skirts and shorts seems like just the thing to snap us out of the winter blues. But instead of looking ahead, we’ve decided to embrace the current cold weather by revisiting one hallmark of the season: black jeans.

Darker denim used to be our go-to in winter, but with faded jeans and acid wash getting new life on the runways, black jeans have been brushed aside. Since black jeans tend to be on the skinnier side, they also lost footing once baggier, wide-leg silhouettes became the style du jour.

Winter is actually the prime time to revisit black jeans. With dirty snow and slush on the ground, the hems of your lighter wash jeans can get damp and stained from all that guck. And you may even be able to get away with wearing a pair to work since a lot of black jeans can mimic the look of tailored slacks. (Just make sure you check with HR first to avoid any office drama.)

Here are 26 pairs that prove black doesn’t have to be boring.

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