Sometimes in shopping, as in dating, you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for.  In each case, you’ve spent a period of time narrowing down your tastes and feel that, having put in the groundwork, the rest should be easy.


In both instances, a lot of disappointment lies in your future.  Just as you will kiss a lot of frogs before Prince Charming decides to put in an appearance, just because you know what you desire in a bag doesn’t mean you’re going to get it.  Despite the over-abundance of choice in today’s society, things begin to get a little bit more difficult when you start shopping with a checklist.

Because, remarkably, although many fashionable suitors may meet one of your top three requirements, and a correspondingly diminished number may meet two of them, a depressingly slender amount will meet them all. 

Suddenly, a perfectly reasonable search for something large enough to carry your daily necessities – in a summery mix of canvas and leather, and a zip top to at least try and discourage pickpocketers – becomes an unreasonable request.

It’s at times like these when the search for ‘Mr. Right’ becomes a search for ‘Mr. Right Now’.