Krystal From ‘WhatIsRealityAnyway’: Blogger Style


 Q:  When did you first start your blog? How has it changed since then?

A:  I started it a few years ago, deleted it a few times, and started again. I would say that over time, it has become a little more cohesive.

Q:  How do you decide what to post?

A:  I post the photos Aaron (Aaron Gonzalez, the photographer for the site) shoots, otherwise he posts them for me – we just like to depict things as they happen in our lives. Since we work and live together, there is a lot of ridiculous material to post.

Q:  What fashion sites and blogs do you read daily?

A:  The Cobrasnake; I really love seeing real people’s style as opposed to celebrities, or anything like that. I love seeing things a little undone, anything too styled and perfect is awful to me. I could care less if someone was sent a outfit to wear, and had hair and make-up and the full star treatment – that’s boring, anyone can do that. I am more interested on what the real girls and boys are doing on their own.  That’s real.

Q:  What’s your favorite time of year for fashion?

A:  There’s always something fun to stumble upon, but I usually prefer fall just because of the colors people tend to design with, and the layering.

Q:  How would you describe your personal style?

A:  Anything goes.

Q:  Who are your favorite labels and designers?

A:  I love anything Pamela Love does, Chloe, Alexander Wang, RVCA, Balmain, Mink Pink, YSL Homme (actually, YSL in general), Rag and Bone, Bess, Phillip Lim, Band of Outsiders, Topshop, Karen Walker, Miu Miu, Moschino…and I really love secondhand rags from thrift shops because they’re already worn in.

Q:  What do you want to be doing in five years?

A:  Keep on keeping on. I have a designer-bag-collaboration coming out soon, I’m working on a clothing line, I’m writing an album with the band Little Feather, I’m shooting with a bunch of amazing photographers. I really can’t complain about anything that’s come my way. I just hope that I can keep creating new adventures, meeting more amazing people, seeing more, doing more…keep this thing moving.