13 Wearable Beaded Bags That Are SO Fun

Beaded bags hit the streets.

Image: Imaxtree

The definition of an everyday bag is a sturdy style roomy enough to hold all of our perceived essentials. In terms of visuals, it’s often in the form of a leather (or vegan leather) shopper, tote or satchel. The concept didn’t involve beads or really any kind of embellishment, but it does now. Embellished bags are no longer reserved for evenings. We’re seeing a sharp rise in beaded bags that have just enough space to stash our necessities being shown off by cool girls day and night.

Fashion loves a novelty item and it has fallen hard and fast for many of them. (See: Lucite jewelry, architectural bags and anything adorned with feathers.) Some might say beaded bags fall into the category. There’s no denying their arts-and-crafts finish plays into that, but the new shapes, as well as how frequently girls are toting them on the streets, make beaded bags a new basic in the age of peacock fashion. Like drawstring bags, ring handle bags, fanny packs and micro bags before, beaded bags aren’t being saved for nights out with the girls. They’re being carried during the day to jazz up outfits. And it’s something our adult selves and inner 10-year-olds are so here for.

A beaded bag on the runway.

Ulla Johnson Spring 2019; Image: Imaxtree

A beaded bag will definitely add textural interest to a lewk, whether the style is made out of clear beads, wooden ones or the glitter-dusted plastic variety. The bedazzled bags will likely steal the thunder from other accessories, but coordinating your jewelry with embellished purses still works. Ahead, shop the beautiful beaded bags you can tote every day.

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